What Fits?

Use this handy storage room guide to estimate the size unit that you will need.

5'x5' (25 sq. ft.)

Accommodates several boxes and other small items. Comparable to a small half bathroom.
5x5 storage unit

5'x10' (50 sq. ft.)

Accommodates couch, chair, chest of drawers. Comparable to a walk-in closet.
5x15 storage unit

5'x15' (75 sq. ft.)

Accomodates the size of a small bedroom with light storage items, large dining sets, and washer/dryer.
5x15 storage unit

10'x10' (100 sq. ft.)

Accommodates furnishings for a one bedroom apartment with appliances. Comparable to a mid-size bedroom.
10x10 storage unit

10'x15' (150 sq. ft.)

Accommodates furnishings for a two bedroom apartment or a small house without appliances. Comparable to a large bedroom.
10x15 storage unit

10'x20' (200 sq. ft.)

Accommodates furnishings for a small house with appliances, or a car or small truck. Comparable to a small one car garage.
10x20 storage unit

10'x30' (300 sq. ft.)

Accommodates furnishings for a three bedroom house. Will hold the contents of a 40-foot moving van. Comparable to an extra long garage.
10x30 storage unit

We are conveniently located at 580 Orchard Lane, just south of the intersection of US 35 & Orchard Lane, near Langs Chevrolet, Circle K and Tractor Supply Co., across from the Ankeney Soccer Complex.

At American Pride Self Storage, we appreciate the sacrifice of our armed forces and offer specials to Active Duty, Retired Military and Veterans. A portion of our profits also go to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Our on-site Insomniac Kiosk makes storing with American Pride Self Storage easy! View unit availability, rent a unit, or pay you bill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!